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About Us is a purely not for profits site. The site was created in early 2004 as an objective special interest site.

The team has created this site to highlight the importance of energy in everyone's lives, and to raise awareness of risks and benefits of different energy sources/options.  We cover energy prices, but also the costs of energy - both financial and environmental.

We hope that this site will help you to understand the different types of energy sources available, and how investment in energy works. 

We also bring you the latest news on energy and oil prices, and other energy issues. We also provide information on energy saving and energy conservation plus developments in renewable forms of energy.

The views expressed in the selection of news provided are not the views of the team. They are an objective selection of views found at the current time within the media.

Finally, the team do “not” provide consultancy or financial-investment advice. For such investment advice, we suggest you visit other sites. Our main area of interest is purely in the analysis of energy trends based in published information - we aim to improve overall knowledge of energy within the general public. Because of this aim, we do not advertise and are non-revenue generating.

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